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Gulselsh’s Measurement Conversions

In my website, I usually try to use grams while writing my recipes because I want them to be universal. It came to my attention that while some of the readers enjoy the fact that the ingredients have precise measurements, some other readers can not try my recipes because they unfortunately don’t have a kitchen scale. For this reason, I decided to make a conversion chart for all my readers who want to use either grams or cups. I hope it is going to be helpful. Happy cooking!

SOLIDS1 cup/1 w. glass
Flour150 grams
Gran. Sugar170 grams
Powd. Sugar170 grams
Corn Starch100 grams
Rice150 grams
Flour20 gr
Gran. Sugar30 gr
Powd. Sugar10 gr
Corn Starch20 gr
Rice20 gr
1 tsp3 ml
1 tbsp15 ml
1 cup/1 w. glass200 ml

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