Strawberry and Vanilla Cake

A tasteful fruit cake recipe you can make easily and enjoy with your morning coffee!

Peach and Blueberry Summer Cake

This delicious recipe will bring summery feelings to your tea time! Happy cooking!

Chocolate Lava Cake

When you taste the oozing melted chocolate at the core of this lava cake, all of your chocolate cravings will be satisfied! Happy cooking!


Lemony Vanilla Cookies

A classic Christmas cookie that will bring the holiday feels right back to your kitchen!

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Pudding Flavor

This quick but tasty cookies will be the permanent companion of your morning coffee! Happy cooking!

Lemony Holiday Cookies

Your kitchen will smell like a holiday wonderland after you bake these vanilla and lemon cookies. Happy holidays and happy cooking!

Orange Soaked Soft Cookies

This orange soaked, deliciously soft cookie will be the best friend of your morning tea. I can’t get enough of it. Happy cooking!


Berry Jam Pie

A classic vanilla pie recipe that will make you kitchen smell like a fairy tale! 

Apple Pie

A classic apple pie recipe that will make your kitchen smell like a fairy tale!

Classic Apple Pie

When you bake this delicious apple pie, the smell of cinnamon and apple will linger in your kitchen for days. Happy cooking!


Strawberry Crumble

This modern British delight will have a special place next to your vanilla ice cream, enjoy the sweetness!

Strawberry Magnolia

This tasty and  easy-to-make dessert will be the favorite dish of your dinner guests! Happy cooking!

Classic Brownies

This original brownie recipe is guaranteed to satisfy your chocolate cravings! Happy cooking!

Easy Tiramisu with Whipped Cream

This practical tiramisu recipe will help you prepare quick and tasty desserts for dinner! Happy cooking!

Classic Tiramisu

Your dinner parties will be legendary thanks to this classic Italian tiramisu recipe. It is an elegant dessert that is very easy to make! Happy cooking!