Broth Simmered Basmati Rice Pilaf

This deliciously easy recipe will help you serve a light and tasty pilaf for your family! Happy cooking!

Classic Risotto

This Italian classic will bring joy to your dinner tables! Happy cooking!


Special Mustard Sauce for Seafood Dishes

This new sauce will be a tasty companion to your seafood dishes. Happy cooking!


Duchess Potatoes

This fancy-looking and easy to make French side dish recipe will be the default way you eat your potatoes from now on! Happy cooking!

Oven Baked Buttery Potato Slices

This yummy and buttery baked potato will be one of your favourite side dishes during the holidays. Happy cooking!

Crispy Mashed and Baked Potato Puffs

This super quick and easy potato puff dish will be one of your family’s favourites. They will keep asking for more! Happy cooking!

Oats and Grains

Veggie Quinoa Salad

This light and delicious veggie quinoa salad will be one of your favourite snacks. It is also gluten-free and vegan! Happy cooking!