Homemade Baked Manti

Yields: 4 Servings Difficulty: Medium Prep Time: 25 Mins Cook Time: 30 Mins Total Time: 55 Mins

This classic and tasty Turkish delight is an easy-to-make dish for your family dinner! Happy cooking!

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    For the Dough
  • For the Filling
  • For the Sauce


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    For the Dough
  • Mix egg, salt and water in a large bowl. Add 400g of flour on top slowly while you keep kneading the dough.
  • Finally add the last 100g of flour and keep kneading until you get a dough which is not sticky.
  • Cover the bowl and leave it on the counter while you prepare the filling.
  • For the Filling
  • Place the minced meat, chopped onion and olive oil on a pan.
  • Cook the minced meat in high temperature while you keep stirring.
  • Cook it until the color of the meat turns into dark brown.
  • Add the salt and cook for one more minute. Then take the pan off the burner and let it cool down on the counter.
  • For Manti
  • Take the dough you prepared and divide in half.
  • Place the first half on the counter you sprinkled with flour.
  • Roll out the dough with a rolling pin. Keep sprinkling some flour and flip the dough from time to time so that the dough won't stick on the counter.
  • When you achieve 2-3 mm thickness, cut the dough into small squares with the help of a knife or a dough cutter. (3cmx3cm squares)
  • Place half a tsp of the filling meat at the center of every square.
  • Close the squares by squeezing only the corners together. The middle part will stay open.
  • Repeat this process for the other half of the dough.
  • Place the manti you prepared on an oiled baking tray by starting from the center.
  • Preheat the oven at 180°C. (fan mode on)
  • Bake the manti for 20 minutes. While waiting for this, you can start with the sauce.
  • For the Sauce
  • Place the tomato paste, tomato puree and butter on a sauce pan.
  • Heat it up until butter and the paste blends together.
  • When the mixture starts to boil, add the spices and water on top and keep stirring for 1-2 minutes.
  • Then take it off the burner and let it rest until the manti is ready for its sauce.
  • For the Final Step
  • After 20 minutes of baking, the manti out but leave the oven on. Place the tray on the counter. Pour the sauce on top evenly.
  • Place the tray back into the oven and bake 10 more minutes until the water of the sauce evaporates.
  • You can serve it with garlic yoghurt and melted butter.
  • Bon appetit!

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