Lamb Sauté with Tomato Sauce

Yields: 4 Servings Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 2 Hr 10 Mins Cook Time: 20 Mins Total Time: 2 Hr 30 Mins

This recipe will be one of your favorite meat dishes when you take the first bite from this tasty and light meal! Happy cooking!

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  • Put the chopped meat into a deep pot. Pour water until the water level is above the meat.
  • Cook in high heat until it boils. Add the salt when it boils and close the pot's lid but not completely. This way the steam will leak outside.
  • Boil the meat for at least 2 hours for a softer result. Check often to add additional water when the water level drops.
  • When the 2 hours time is reached, keep cooking until there is only a little bit of water left.
  • Don't add any additional water, turn off the burner and take the pot to the counter.
  • For Sauce
  • Melt the butter on a large pan. Add the tomato sauce, paste, crushed garlic and the spices on top.
  • Keep stirring until in boils. Then add the meat and its juice on top of the sauce. Keep cooking in medium heat.
  • When the sauce becomes denser, take the pan away from the burner.
  • You are ready to serve the meal.
  • Bon appetit!


You can serve it with fries or risotto.

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